mercredi 29 juillet 2015

New55 Film Lettre d'information No 40

L'équipe New Film vient de mettre en ligne un sondage pour leurs contributeurs sur Kickstarter dont nous faisons parti.

Plusieurs choix sont disponibles :
1- Recevoir un négatif New55 N (sera envoyé rapidement)
2- Recevoir un film 1SHOT (sera envoyé rapidement)
3- Recevoir le New55 PN un instantané positif (sera envoyé dès que ce sera disponible et après les problèmes actuels résolus)
4- Donner sa récompense pour permettre l'équipe New55 de créer un vrai film instantané 4x5 inch
5- Je ne souhaite pas choisir maintenant. Je ne souhaite pas changer mon choix de récompense.

MX2 a décidé de choisir le choix No 4 c'est à dire de renoncer à sa récompense afin d'aider l'équipe New55 Film d'arriver à créer dans l'avenir un vrai film instantané 4x5 inch.

vendredi 24 juillet 2015

Cuvettes DEVILLE Grands Formats


Un de nos clients souhaite acheter une grande cuvette.

La société DEVILLE nous a fait deux propositions sur mesure pour ce client.

Le client a précisé que la cuvette devait avoir des rainures au fond afin d'éviter que les épreuves se collent au fond et des rebords afin de mieux prendre en main la cuvette lors des manipulations. Ces éléments peuvent être enlevés sur demande du client. Bref DEVILLE est capable de tout faire !

Les cuvettes proposées sont en PVC épaisseur de 4mm

Tout d'abord une cuvette 1200x800x50 mm au prix de 536.24€ TTC (frais de livraison en France inclus)

Puis une cuvette 1500x1000x50 mm au prix de 635.24€ TTC (frais de livraison en France inclus)

Délais : 3 semaines à réception de commande.

Autres produits sur demande possible


Telephone : 04.75.6910.90 /+33 475.691.090

mardi 21 juillet 2015

NEW55 Film Lettre d'information No 39


Voici une nouvelle lettre d'information du projet New55 Film :

Dear Supporters,
A detailed account of the failure of the essential coated receiver sheet would be too long and too tiresome to completely tell, but in general:
1. The coating team developed a coating process late last year that works very well.
2. The coating team introduced that coating process on a small scale at a professional commercial coater and that works very well. This was used successfully in the first two weeks of production.
3. The coating team did a larger coating run using the same materials (checked carefully) and when this flowed into New55 production from the same commercial coater, it did not work. Production had to be stopped.
4. The time to rerun the full rolls of receiver sheet again would be at least 3 months and, given the fact that people need to be paid and materials need to be purchased, high costs would need to be met.
5. The team can’t do that again. Perhaps there are other ways to resume production, at least on a small scale.
6. A small amount of the good test material is available and a modest amount of some old Polaroid receiver sheet material are on hand. They could be used to fill a gap of a couple of production weeks.
7. This leaves the project with few additional options.
8. Some supporters have suggested they would be happy to get an instant negative-only version for their Kickstarter reward, though somehow we have to find out who would be on that list. Doing this would extend manufacturing activity, keep people working, and allow more shipments.
9. Our plan to sell some New55 PN alongside the Kickstarter rewards in order to finance the ongoing work is going to have to wait.
10. We have given the team two weeks to see if there is a way to maintain at least a modest production, but no clear path presents itself at the moment.
11. In about a week we will give you a report on the status of the project.
This week's activities will include many tests using various reagent formulations pushed past their original design. Activities will also include re-coating experiments by hand and with our own small coater to see if we can coat smaller rolls from scratch. Small scale in-house coating is possible now that the roof in the rear area is finally repaired (in February it had collapsed due to heavy snow and had to be gutted and rebuilt). And there will be an energetic investigation of the cause of the large coating failure. These activities of course are instead of production which is what should be occurring now.
We'll see how this goes!
As always you will be the first to know. Thank you for supporting New55 FILM.
Bob Crowley 

jeudi 16 juillet 2015

New55 Film Information No 39


Nous venons d'apprendre par l'équipe New55 Film qu'un problème est survenu sur les feuilles de réception.

Alors que 750 feuilles ont été expédiées (150 boites de New55 Film PN) l'équipe New55 Film  décidé de stopper le expéditions afin de remédier au problème...